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Dave's Projects 

Dave is an established business owner in the dickerson Maryland Area. He has been working with car restorations for around 30 years, in that time Dave has worked on a lot of different makes and models. But his favorite has always been the Corvette. As he has gotten older Dave has been diagnosed and beaten cancer twice, however this couldn't stop him from working with his business or his side projects. Nothing seems to keep Dave down for long. Fully recovered, he hit the ground running with his passion for Corvettes. In his older age he decided to take on one last project before he can't work any longer. So he gathered his supplies and started work on his final Corvette Restomod. This site is dedicated to Dave Ashley and all of his amazing projects. Here you can purchase spare Corvette parts from vintage to contemporary models. This is also a place to learn and share knowledge about Corvettes as well as restorations. Isn't thats what its all about anyway, lifting each other up and helping out. So please take a moment to look through our site, we hope you enjoy! 

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