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Current Project

I've been working on cars for a long time and I've always loved Corvettes. In my time working on Corvettes I have restored a few cars back to original form. Now I'm really interested in doing Resto-Mods for my Corvettes! this page you will see my process of turning this beautiful Original 1956 C1 into a restored Resto- Mod. 

PART 1: 

Completely dismantling my 1956-C1, 
preparing for blasting (before and after)

The first thing I needed to get done is completely take everything apart, and strip it of all the original paint.  For this project Im looking to keep the style/ body the same as the original, but everything else is going to be modified or replaced. In the images above I'm showing you the completely disassembled 1956 C1 before and after stripping the paint. I had a guy come to my at home shop and blast it, make sure you have plenty of room and you are doing it in a place that you can easily clean or you don't mind being covered in sand/ soda solution (outdoors), because when your finished it will look like it just snowed. 

Part: 2

Putting Things Back Together, Beginning Painting 

Now that we have broken the body down to the bare bones now we can really start on the fun stuff, putting it all together! Once I got the body resting on a temporary wooden rolling chassis. That helps me to move the body all around so that I can easily clean the excess dust and sand left from the blasting, as well as put the doors, hood, and trunk back into place. After that it will be time to fill any imperfections as well as put a base coat on the undercarriage. During this process, the weather was beginning to turn from fall to winter so I needed to have a place to begin painting in the cold and wind. So I decided to set up this huge tent that the body can easily fit in.. after thoroughly staking it into the ground, I could begin my work. I would highly recommend one of these tents. 

Part 3: 

Detailing/ Making Accessories  


There is an old saying, "The Devil is in the Details" for those of you not familiar that just simply means that even when you make something that is so nice and good looking, if there is something like Dirt, scratches, or even cheapo parts or accessories. Those small things can make all the difference. So for This project I have been working very hard with every little thing. In the pictures above you can see the bones of my soon to be center console. im making sure to clean and inspect all of the moving parts that will be going into the vehicle old and new parts alike, everything has to be up to my standards.

Part 4: 

Lowering/ Fitting Body to Chassis